When to wear a fur coat? Many people prefer to wear their fur only in particularly cold periods. The fur has become fashion, a must for those who want to complete their outfit with a luxury coat.
A fur can also be worn in less cold periods like the first days of March. Wearing a fur coat during the winter months and especially at special events is very easy. Combining a fur to your outfit in winter is a matter of everyday life. The fur can be put even if it rains or snows, obviously it is not suggested to expose the fur to heavy rains or heavy snow, however the fur can be worn on any occasion throughout the winter.

A sporty fur can be wear with any type of outfit, whether for a walk or an aperitif at the bar with friends. A little longer fur with a sharper cut is better to wear during the gala evenings. The fur has become a coat for every day, in fact, wearing a fur coat is now in common use.

Fur: when to wear it?

When to wear a sable fur? And when one of chinchillas? Is the mink one the right choice for the everyday life? The fur choice is no longer a problem, as the fur is now a daily coat. Wearing a sable fur for a walk downtown or wearing a mink jacket for a gala evening is no longer a problem however, to carefully choose the type of fur you can combine with your outfit is very important. Never let yourself go in outfits that are not very trendy is at the base of how and when to wear a fur coat.