Fur was the first clothing in the history of mankind, used by primitive men shelter from the cold. Over time, it has become a highly sought-after garment that emphasised belonging to a certain social class. In the Middle Ages, a stoat’s fur even represented royal power, while in modern times it has turned into a status symbol, mainly for women.

However, Elpidio Loffredo wants to satisfy even the most demanding and eccentric man, so upon request, his know-how for the production of furs for men is available. Contact us through the form at the bottom of the page for further information.

Is a fur coat still a status symbol?

As mentioned, fur is a garment that has made human history, without ever going out of fashion. It has gone through all kinds of historical periods and different trends, but it has always been a versatile garment that has adapted best to changes. It has been reinterpreted, proposed in new forms and models, reinvented and transformed from a status symbol to a representation of an alternative and trendy fashion.

For this reason, if until a few decades ago its market was aimed at a specific category of customers, today it has conquered new space, proposing itself as a modern and practical unisex garment. Nowadays it is no longer women who wear furs, but also men, attracted by very courageous and innovative men’s fashion and by technologies that have opened new paths and put the raw materials used in the background.

There are now numerous designers who love men’s furs and who, every year, launch new lines to keep up with the times and offer them in different models: from padded coats to sleeveless furs or, as in our case, handmade on request.

Fur for men

The line of furs for men is experiencing a very flourishing period, thanks above all to the countless designers who have launched their own dedicated fashion lines. According to the dictates of fashion, furs are trendy and highlight the owner’s personality. Some rap singers have often worn furs in recent years, possibly embellished by large and gaudy jewels both around the neck and on the arms, proposing themselves not only as alternative and innovative characters, but also to exhibit an extravagant elegance that had not yet become common.

Today many designers have taken inspiration from them and have thrown themselves into the production of fur models that can fit any type of man. Therefore, numerous fur jackets have been launched, long or short, heavy or lighter in dark shades, but also very glamorous with eye-catching colours. The most popular types are men’s mink and wolf furs: in the first case, high-quality and elegance are ensured, which is combined with a lightness that makes this garment very comfortable. As far as wolf furs are concerned, they are warmer and heavier, ideal for the harsh winter season.

How to choose fur for men

Of course, when choosing a men’s fur, the first thing to consider is the quality of the materials used. This garment is very special because it must be touched, caressed, its texture must be savoured but, above all, it must be worn to go out, so it requires a higher quality than other average garments.

Buying a fur coat, especially for men, means choosing an elegant and refined garment, which requires greater attention to complete any outfit. It can go well with sportswear, embellishing your style, but it still needs other garments that can enhance it because, alternatively, you risk obtaining the opposite result, penalising the wearer’s look.

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