ELPIDIO LOFFREDO is a prestigious brand that has been producing luxury furs for years. His furs are rich and his collection offers many variations, they will perfectly adapt to any type of outfit and certainly, wearing an ElpidioLoffredo fur, you will never go unnoticed.

The brand produces high quality garments, the leather used comes from the best auctions around the world and is carefully selected by its staff.

You may wonder, Why choose a natural fur?

The reasons are various, in recent years, each of us has made a little ‘space in the wardrobe to insert a fur garment, but what kind of fur should we choose?

Many prefers those synthetics, called “ecological”, which are often manufactured abroad in some kind of part of the world, with materials such as nylon, acrylic and polyester that are everything except ecological because they derive from the petrol, without saying how they appear to the sight and to the touch, hard and stiff. It will be like wearing a plastic bag and as such not biodegradable. Basically thanks to the mass production and the poor quality of the product is sold at very cheap prices.

And what about natural furs?

Elpidio Loffredo  proposes natural furs that, instead of the synthetic ones, are softer and shinier, of higher quality, trendy and fashionable, starting from coats and jackets, to the vests and capes, produced with both training and wild skins, depending on the fur required, that could be of mink or fox up to the finest chinchilla, sable or lynx, at a price that can not be considered expensive when compared to the quality of the garment. The natural fur is defined according to the origin of the leather, the quality of the hair, the size and color.

How important is the labor of the garment?

The real strength of the brand is the made in Italy, in fact the artisans who work for the brand study every day to improve the processing techniques and to achieve the perfection, they take care of the desing and carefully choose the skins to compose a garment unique and trendy, as only a true Italian can do.

A choice of quality and reliability, which distinguishes the company.

How is the quality of the leather and how is it processed?

Only by touching and looking at these furs you can realize how precious they are, because we are talking about a coat of unequaled value, their fur is flowing, bright and soft, because furs are produced entirely by hand and stirred in Italy, nailed not by a machine, that use synthetic greases, but hand-made by our artisans who take care of every garment in detail, a reason why all this is a guarantee of quality, shine and softness.

Is a fur forever?

Buying a garment ElpidioLoffredo you will buy an ageless piece, which will leave everyone breathless, that will last over time without ever becoming not fashionable, of inestimable value, in short, you will buy a little gem to show off on every occasion.

Which are the types of fur clothing?

The collection includes items of all kinds, from the mink furs, which is undoubtedly the widest and richest category, up to the fantastic vests, jackets and coats of Fox,  to the garments of Zibellino which is the finest leather, and fantastic furs of Chinchilla and Lynx. Obviously the skins are carefully selected so they are perfect.

Long or short furs?

A complete collection studied in every detail, you will find furs of all kinds and for every style, depending on the temperature and the use of the fur, long for those who are very close or even below zero, or court for those who usually look for a more fashionable garment, with a ¾ sleeve, with trendy colors, accompanying the jacket with glamorous gloves.

And what else?

The production of Elfidio Loffredo furs is made using only light leathers. Instead, usually in the boutiques or online you can find heavy-quality garments of poor quality.


With a fur completely made in Italy and handmade, the Elpidio Loffredo style is always fashionable, the great variety proposes some more tight for the woman who wants to feel chic, but also the over models for those who want to feel more fashionable.

Is it better dyed or Natural?

You can choose your Natural Fur, which is among the most requested and timeless, or choose a dyed model to wear a different and extravagant garment. Usually these furs are produced with fur of inferior quality, but ELPIDIO LOFFREDO guarantees the highest quality also in this case using the best leathers. So we talk about high fashion furs that will allow you to have an unmistakable style, but above all will allow you to own a garment that each of us should have in the wardrobe.

And for the man?

We do not even forget about men, because the brand gives us the opportunity to produce tailored garments that will fit perfectly and that will allow you to give a touch of style and elegance to your outfit.

How can I match my fur?

The must-have combination of this year is undoubtedly the fur with the moccasin or with the “mules” , but you will be free to show off your fur by combining it and adapting it to every style and look, because in any case the result will be amazing. Seeing is believing.