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Black Swakara Jacket
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Swakara Fur Coat
Swakara Fur Coat
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Swakara Furs

If you are looking for a high-fashioned garment with timeless charm, Swakara furs are what you will need in the autumn/winter season. Trendy garments, that year after year they return to the limelight without losing the charm given by the elegance that can give to the wearer. The Swakara furs are called in many ways, Lamb, Persian, Astrakhan and precisely Swakara, because of the animal from which it is taken the leather, but also from the geographic area of provenance. The Swakara furs have found their place in the market in the High-fashion collections, because is one of the favourites in the realization of classics furs, thanks to the fact that it is very easy to sew and inlaid with other materials and skins such as Mink, fox, Chinchilla and Sable.

How much cost a Swakara fur?

The Swakara furs are much appreciated not only to realize classic style furs, but also fur garments that follow the new trends. Among the best-selling Haute Couture furs, the cost of a Swakara fur can also reach figures below 30,000 Euro, for this reason, to determine its final price must to be considered the quality of the hair, the size, the number of skins used, the packaged model and the type of processing
made by the clipper. A Swakara fur on offer starts from 2790 euros, until you get to the most luxurious models, like the coat of Leopard, which can be worth over 45,000 euros.

Furs of natural and synthetic Swakara: differences

A Swakara fur produced with genuine leather has a softer hair and shiny compared to the synthetic ones. Someone believe that orienting the own choice towards synthetic Swakara furs could be a good
compromise between eco-sustainability and elegance, but on the other hand it goes considered that synthetic furs are produced with derivatives of the petrol, that release large quantities of harmful substances in the atmosphere during the production phase. Once to pack a Swakara fur could be used for up to sixty skins of animals, nowadays the current technologies allow to obtain a clothing item of great class using many less animals. The Natural Swakara Frus last longer in time, they look better and they do not impact heavily on ecology as in the past.

Swakara Fur Clothing: typologie

With Swakara fur you can create garments of every kind, such as mantels, vests coats and jackets
Swakara fur vests are very versatile because they are high-fashion garments that are fresh and elegant at the same time, and consequently suitable both daytime and evening outings. To wear it with
style, the vest will be combined with a simple clothing, even in the accessories so as not to have an excessively eccentric appearance. This is an advice that applies in general to all Swakara furs.
The fur coats, warm and enveloping, are perfect when they recall the colours of the cold season like black and brown. They combine well with everything, from the mini dress and the tubes to the wide skirts and to the Mini too. There are mantels of various cuts and colours, so you can choose the ideal one with care, according to the reference outfit.
Until recently, the coats and Swakara fur jackets were considered a status symbol, to be worn on great occasions, but this year’s fashion goes further, and new concepts are experienced. The
coats are long and elegant furs, they can be even worn with a pair of ripped jeans for a casual style. To maintain a certain line of simplicity, jackets and coats can approach quietly even to a simple wool sweater with dull colours. Obviously, for those who want to maintain a classic, princely style, it is a must a long dress and shoes with high heel or boots strictly Black.