To understand if a mink fur is of good quality, you need to take in consideration several factors:

The quality of the leather is essential to understand if a mink fur is good. Elpidio Loffredo uses the best leathers from auctions from all over the world for the production of his furs. Like the whole collection, for the mink furs, Elpidio Loffredo uses only female skins, producing ultra light mink furs. Customers appreciate the quality of the Elpidio Loffredo mink because even the coats do not weigh too much.

Short mink jackets are produced using special processing techniques. Obviously there is a wide selection of mink fur collection. Obviously the whole collection is produced entirely in Italy, starting from the tanning of the skins to the finishing touch. Many furrier’s shops prefer to save on the materials and quality of leather to offer “incredible” prices.Elpidio Loffredo tries to offer its customers always the best quality, maintaining an unbeatable quality / price ratio.

Besides the quality of the materials, in order to understand if it is a good product or not, it is necessary to double check if the manufacturing is Italian and of good quality. Elpidio Loffredo devotes particular attention to the manufacture because it is at the base of his creations. All the craftsmen are Italian and all produced in Italy.

Another very important factor that often indicates the quality of the fur we are buying is the quality of the accessories of the fur like:

Often the lining on a low quality fur is not made of silk, but in very cheap fabrics. Same is true for the hooks and the drawstring cords. Instead, when there is a belt not made in fur but in other materials, this means it is often made with defective leather or defective suede. Elpidio Loffredo uses only first choice materials: belts are made of cashmere and with top quality leathers and suede; hooks are completely made in Italy like the drawstring cords and the linings are made entirely in silk.

It is much more difficult to recognize if a fur is good or not if we decide to buy it online. Often a well-made and above all well-managed site with an excellent service is synonymous of quality.
There are several factors to keep an eye on, including the price. It is often better to get help online with photos and live videos of the item you are buying. Within each garment or on purchase certificates there should be information about the quality of the mink. On the certificate is usually specified the auction house and the type of quality. Inside the fur there is instead a label that is released by the auction house when buying leathers.