It is very important to know how to wash a fur. Many people think they can wash their fur simply with the washing machine or hand washing them. Unfortunately, those who opt for this solution will surely ruin the fur. It is normal to wear a fur during the winter, with snow, rain and wind and therefore our fur will inevitably have to be cleaned to regain its splendor. The easiest thing to do after each use is to shake the fur a little so as to eliminate the dust residues that are fixed in the hair. If the fur is “wet” with rain, the first thing to do is to shake the fur vigorously to remove the liquid. Then you have to dab the fur with a clean cotton cloth, possibly white. You have to dab and do not rub the hair. Both operations must be carried out very calmly and without too much energy. Let your fur dry overnight in a cool, ventilated place. Use a wide clothes hanger to keep the model of the fur unaltered. Another very important step is comb the hair with a fur brush. Remember to follow the direction of the hair and make small uniform movements, treating a small section at a time.

How to wash a fur

The fur is very delicate, so do not put your hands too close with too aggressive detergents or try to clean the when it is dry. If the damages caused by the rain are still there, you need to resort to a professional cleaning service. A professional cleaning service usually takes place through a dry cleaning of the fur. The fur is also often washed with talcum powder and sawdust, and with some machines that allow a thorough washing of the hair and the bristle.

Understanding how to clean a fur is very important. When required, the fur is washed with detergents to remove stains. This often happens when the fur is yellowed. The yellowed fur cannot be always cleaned, as often it is yellow not because of dirty but because it is an aged fur. The solution may be cleaning the hair with cleaning solutions, or dyeing the fur.