The fur vest is one of the most popular garments chosen from customers in recent years. Very warm, comfortable and soft, it is ideal for embellishing your elegant or casual look. However, wearing a fur vest isn’t always easy and it can be easy falling into kitsch. In recent years, the real fur vest was created especially in fox, and made in many colors. Models are all similar but with many features that make them unique, from those 65-80 cm long, usually made with a flat neck, to those longer than 130 cm made with hood or with a small shawl collar. The fur vest with hood is very popular especially when made of fox or mink. The fox fur vest is available in all colors, being a very fast and easy to wear item.

In this article we will explain:

  1. How to wear a fur vest
  2. What color of vest to choose?

How to wear a fur vest

The fur vest is a garment that everyone likes, but it is often considered not very versatile due to its extravagant colors. However, we can easily say that this is not true. A fur vest is also very warm, not only because is made of fur of course, but because it is possible to wear it with everything, like a leather jacket, for example. Very comfortable and easy to wear, it combines perfectly with sport shoes and a denim jacket, for a casual and very fast outfit.

Contrary to popular opinion, fox vests can match perfectly even on a long elegant dress, or on a formal dress. Today the mink waistcoat is a must in any woman’s wardrobe. You can start to wear it in early autumn days, and also use it during winter, thanks to the combination with other jackets. The combinations are very simple and fast, especially when you buy a brown fur vest or a black fur vest, which can always be worn.

On the other hand, colored fur gilets require great attention when choosing the outfit, even if they are very sporty. The fur vest with hood is absolutely the most requested by those who have a very sporty look and love to feel protected. The most popular colors are blue and gray. The mink fur vests are available in all colors, like fox fur vests. Sable and chinchillas vests, instead, are made in natural colors to make them suitable for all outfits.

Which vest color to choose?

The mink fur vest is very required. The most used colors by our customers are the natural ones. The natural mink fur is absolutely the easiest one to combine with your outfit. The black mink vest with hood and the blue mink vest are the most requested ones. The mink mutation vests with a very shiny coat and full of unobtainable nuances are not very easy to find as they’re quite special.

The Elpidio Loffredo fox vests are made following a particular production technique, in order to create a very soft and comfortable fur and above all to give to the client the possibility to wear a leather jacket underneath. The most requested fox vests by our customers are those in very light and natural colors such as the shadow fox vest or the white fox vest. Some customers prefer darker colors and therefore the black fox is inevitable.

The chinchilla vest are almost always made with natural colors and worked with very small chinchillas in order to create a very smooth and soft fur. Thanks to some customer’s requests, Elpidio Loffredo has added in his collection the green chinchilla vest and also in toffee color. The sable vest and the lynx vest are made exclusively in natural colors.