Mink fur is a very fashionable item of clothes. If you search on the internet, you can find different kind of mink fur jacket or mink fur coat in every colour and model. During the years, mink fur types have changed completely. Before you used to link the word fur with a coat, now fur means fashion.

Mink jackets, mink capes and mink vests made the fur an everyday idea. Brown mink jacket, honey mink jacket, blue mink jacket and black mink jacket are the most required by our clients because they are easy to match with an everyday outfit; but also with a jauntier outfit. The price of a mink fur jacket is cheaper than a mink fur coat.

Obviously, that is just because there is no need to use the same number of leathers as a coat. Mink furs are different between them, because of many factors and in the page we will explain how much is a new mink fur and how is worth a used mink fur.

Mink fur is very fashionable now, so people use to work on the old furs making a refurbish of the old fur, in order to realize from and old used mink fur, new and fashionable mink fur jackets.

Keep reading and you will find:

  1. Mink fur price: how much is a mink fur?
  2. How to evaluate a mink fur?
  3. New and used mink furs, which choose?

Mink fur price: how much is a mink fur?

Mink fur prices can depend on many factors:

The typology of leather affects certainly on the mink fur price, since there are different mink types with different costs. A demi buff or brown mink will have a lower price than a sapphire or a grey mink.

The quality of the leather is another important factor, inasmuch many producers try to buy a lower quality of leather or not good enough to be tooled and they offer competitive prices, fooling their clients. It is unlikely that an excellent quality fur will have an objective low price. Obviously, the Made in Italy affects on the price.

Unlike the products made in Turkey, Greece, India and China, Made in Italy fur is certainly a guarantee of quality that has a higher price. Many sellers also sell used and old furs like new ones at a lowest price. The cost of a fur suggest its quality and its provenance.

How to evaluate a mink fur?

First evaluation to make is to understand if the mink fur we are about to buy is a new or a used one. When the fur is new, we have to try to figure out the quality of the leathers, if the minks were male or female and, above all, if it is a made in Italy.

The quality of the leathers being used is important to understand the real value of a fur. Obviously, a female mink fur coat will be more expensive than a male mink fur coat, since it will have more leathers and will certainly be softer and lightweight. A used mink fur will have a lower value.

Used mink furs usually have worn out scratches, and a very fragile leather, very difficult to tool. It is difficult to evaluate a fur without the help of an expert by our side, above all if we are talking about used furs or new ones.

New mink furs or used ones, which choose?

The choice isn’t very difficult when you haven’t an old fur in your wardrobe, so we will certainly convinced to buy a new fur. When we already have an old fur, there are doubts. Is it better to renew the old fur or give it in exchange for a new one? We, of the Elpidio Loffredo furrier’s, love to help our clients making the right choice.

Usually, to renew an old fur is not always a bad idea, since it will not be very expensive. Many others it is better to give them away in exchange, and buy a new mink fur jacket. The choice is also influenced by the fashion. Buying a new mink fur means to have brighter colours; it will be more trendy, while dyeing an old one will not give the same result.

To buy a mink fur is not always easy, because we let ourselves being influenced by the price or the fashion. The same kind of mink could have a thicker fur or less, so a different origin, like American minks Nafa or Danish minks Kopenhagen Fur. Obviously, the origin will influence on the final price. The same jacket, tooled in a different way, horizontal or vertical, will have a different price. In addition, a mink fur coat and a mink fur jacket will have different prices one another. Elpidio Loffredo offers a numerous and expert Staff to help his clients making the right choice.