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Double Face Cashmere with Mink
Sable Fur Bomber
Coral Mink Jacket
Honey Mink Bomber
Loro Piana Cashmere Bomber with Sheared Mink and Fox Fur
Double Face Cashmere Loro Piana with Mink
3.180,00 1.700,00
Lamb Shearling Jacket
Black Cashmere with Pink Mink
Pearl Mink Bomber with Wool - Length 60 cm
2.790,00 1.400,00
Mink Bomber Fur with Suede - Length 65 cm
2.790,00 1.500,00
Cashmere Jacket with Sheared Mink
Jaguar Mink Jacket
2.890,00 1.800,00
Silvery 3 Sable Bomber
Mink Bomber
Cashmere with Sheared Mink

The fur bomber has become a real must for 2019. The fur bomber jacket is a must-have garment for those who love the fashion world. Wearing a fur bomber has become a pleasant and elegant obligation for women of all ages who pursue a greater charm and who are united by class and good taste. A fur bomber can be produced with many types of fur, such as mink, fox, sable, chinchilla and many others. Each fur has its own characteristics, and will be unique in its own way, with long or short hair, natural or dyed and each can be worn to show off different class and styles. A truly irreverent item in the fur scene, however, is represented by the jacket. The fur bomber jacket is perfect for any outfit, whether it’s a gala evening or a simple walk around the city.

By reading, you will discover:

  1. Where to buy a fur bomber?
  2. The Fur Bomber Price

Where to buy a fur bomber?

Buying a fur bomber is not always easy, especially if we do not have a clue about the color or the pattern. Thanks to the Elpidio Loffredo Staff, buying a fur bomber will be a unique and above all unforgettable experience. The fur bomber proposed to customers will always be fashionable and will give an extra touch, you can not do without it! Trying a fur is always essential to understand the model. There are many differences between a vertically worked bomber and an horizontally worked bomber. The first one, often makes the figure leaner, while the second one tends to have a bandaged and more comfortable shoulder. This is why Elpidio Loffredo’s assistants always advise to try or send your measurements when you decide to buy a fur coat. The Fur bomber can be purchased at the Elpidio Loffredo Boutique in Italy or in the showrooms in Moscow and Almaty. Obviously, Elpidio Loffredo offers the opportunity to buy the fur bomber online, with the help of a personal shopper. Elpidio Loffredo often creates tailored fur jackets even at a distance, with personalized hand deliveries. Elpidio Loffredo often organizes events with a limited number of customers for the creation and customization of tailored garments and fashionable furs. The organization of these events often takes place in Milan, in order to deliver the furs to Milan. For remote customers, Elpidio Loffredo assistants always try to help their customers by providing all the information they can.

How much does a fur bomber cost?

The fur bomber price can change based on several factors:

  • The leather quality;
  • The type of processing;
  • Made in Italy.

The quality of the leather used to create the Elpidio Loffredo fur bomber is extremely sublime. The leather comes from the best auctions in the world and is carefully selected by our staff. Another determining factor is the type of processing. Every year our craftsmen perfect their processing techniques to achieve perfection and create fur bomber at a low price, compared to quality! The price of the fur bomber is optimal compared to the competition, calculating that the ElpidioLoffredo collection is completely Made in Italy: every ElpidioLoffredo article is carefully crafted by Italian artisans. A choice of quality and reliability, which is the real strength of the company, and the main feature of his creations.

The fur bomber prices start from 1190 up to 15,000 euros, the price of the fur bomber depends on the quality of the leather, the inserts and the type of workmanship. The price of the Elpidio Loffredo fur bomber is unrivaled if quality is considered! Online there are fur bomber that have ridiculous prices, wary of these furriers because the quality and the product sold are of dubious origin! A fur bomber price often reflects the quality of materials and leather. A fur bomber that is completely created in Italy with Italian materials will certainly have a higher price than all those imported from China, Turkey or Greece. The cost is also determined by the study of the paper models and the labor of the artisans, all Elpidio Loffredo models dress perfectly their customers, without imperfections of any kind.