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Pearl Lamb Shearling Fur
2.580,00 1.280,00
Asphalt Mink Coat
2.780,00 1.780,00
Golden Fox Coat
Cross Fox Coat
Aquamarine Fox Fur Coat
Sable Fur Coat
Cashmere Loro Piana with Mink Coat
Dark Blue Sheared Mink Coat
Cashmere Loro Piana with Red Fox
Cashmere Coat with Russian Sable
Cashmere Coat with Mink
Sable Fur Coat
Sable Fur Coat
Sable Fur Coat

The fur coat is back in fashion. You just have to go online to find any type of fur coat in any color and pattern. Over the years, the type of fur coats has completely changed. Before the word coat was associated with a fur always long and very abundant, now, instead, coat has become synonymous with fashion, knee length made and screwed. Mink coats, fox coats, chinchilla and sable coats, have slowly made fur being a daily concept. The mink and fox coats are the most requested by our customers because they can easily be combined with a daily outfit, but also with a more elegant outfit, and they also have a more affordable cost than a sable fur coat.

Obviously this is due to the reduced use of leathers during the production and to the primary cost of leather. Not all fur coats are the same, they differ from each other based on numerous factors. On this page we’ll explain how much new fur coats cost and what a used coat may be worth.

Many used fur coats are reworked to create fashionable fur jackets and vests, often mixing the leather used with another type of leather.

By reading, you will discover:

  1. The fur Coat Price
  2. How to evaluate a fur coat?
  3. New or used fur coat, which one to choose?

The Fur Coat Price

Fur coat price may depend on several factors, such as:

  • The skins type
  • The skins quality
  • The Made in Italy

The type of leather certainly affects the fur coat price, as there are different types of leather with different prices. Surely a mink or a fox will have a lower price than a chinchilla or a sable coat. The quality of the leather is another very important factor to consider as many manufacturers try to buy very poor quality materials and offer competitive prices to deceive customers. A fur of excellent quality is unlikely to have an objectively very low price. Obviously the price of the fur coat is affected by the Made in Italy.

Unlike all the products made in Turkey, Greece, India and China, the Made in Italy fur is certainly a guarantee of quality, but it has a higher price. Many sellers also sell used and old furs as new furs at a very low price. Often, the fur price, also indicates its quality and provenance.

How to evaluate a fur coat?

The first evaluation to do is to understand if the fur we are going to buy is a new fur coat or a used fur coat. When the fur is new we must try to understand the quality of the leather used, and especially if the processing is Made in Italy. The quality of the used leather is a clear sign to understand the real value of a fur coat. Obviously a female mink coat will have a greater value than a male mink coat, as it will have more leather and will certainly be softer and lighter, the same applies to the silvery and non-silvery sable coats. A used fur coat, instead, has relatively low market value, in fact often the exchange on the purchase of a new fur are very little evaluated. The used fur coats almost always have different signs of wear and almost always a fragile and difficult to work leather. Surely assessing a fur is not always an easy thing without the help of an expert at our side, especially when it is about used furs or high quality new furs.

New or used fur coat, which one to choose?

The choice is not very difficult when in the closet you do not have an old fur to put back as a model, as surely you will be projected to purchase a new fur. When the old fur is in the wardrobe, we have a lot of doubts. Should we work with old fur or trade in a new fur coat? At Elpidio Loffredo we love helping our customers make the right choice. Often re-modeling an old and used fur is not a bad idea as the cost is not even high. Many times, instead, it is worth to trade in the used fur coat and buy a new fur jacket. Often the choice is also given by fashion. Buying a new fur coat often offers much brighter and definitely trendy colors, while dyeing an old fur will never give us the same result. To buy a fur coat is not always easy, we often let ourselves be influenced by the price or fashion. The same type of leather can have a thicker or shorter pile, longer or shinier, and this affects the final choice. Obviously the origin of the leather also affects the final price. The same coat worked differently, horizontally or vertically, will have a different price. Even a mink coat or jacket will have a different price from each other. Elpidio Loffredo offers a large and competent staff to help their customers making the best choice.