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Dark Blue Sheared Mink Coat
Cashmere Loro Piana Coat with Lynx Fur
Lamb Shearling with Cashmere Loro Piana
Cashmere Loro Piana Coat with Russian Sable
Cashmere Loro Piana Coat with Avorio Mink
Cashmere Loro Piana Coat with Barguzinsky Russian Sable Fur
Lilac Mink Coat
Ivory Mink Coat
White Sheared Mink Coat
Honey Mink Fur Coat
Cashmere with White Chinchilla
Green Cashmere with Chinchilla
Cashmere with Blue Chinchilla
Cashmere with Mink

The long fur is part of those essential pieces of wardrobe that a high-class woman can never give up. Thanks to fashion, long furs have become a must-have over the years. The trend has completely changed compared to the ’60s’ 70s and’ 90s, when the fur was seen as a long and very wide garment, practically just big fur coats. Thanks to fashion and major brands, including Elpidio Loffredo, the trend has changed. Now the fur coat is not only a long shoulder garment, but also not too big, knee length furs. Elpidio Loffredo long fur coats are designed for every need: long fur coat with hood, long fur coat with high collar and long sleeves, long fur of any color. The main requests of Elpidio Loffredo customers are for long mink fur and especially for short sable fur, almost timeless, an easy and always fashionable color to combine.

By reading, you will discover:

  1. How to choose your long fur
  2. The long fur price
  3. Why choose a long fur coat?

How to choose your long fur

The Elpidio Loffredo collection long fur models are characterized by two main types of work:

  • Horizontal Processing
  • Vertical Processing

The most common processing, especially on mink fur, is the horizontal one, which allows to create mink fur with very particular shapes. It is now more than 5 years that this type of processing has established itself in the fashion world. The vertical processing instead returned to be a must-have in 2018-19. Elpidio Loffredo applies a very flattened collar, or a wide collar, often on all models worked with vertical leathers. Elpidio Loffredo advises the vertically worked long fur coats for those who want to always be trendy and fashionable. Another very important factor which will make the difference in this choice is the type of the collar or the hood. A long mink fur coat with hood will surely be easy to use.

The Long Fur Price

The long fur price may vary depending on many factors such as:

  • The Leather quality
  • The Made in Italy
  • The Type of processing

The quality of the Elpidio Loffredo leather, used for the production of long furs, comes from the best auctions in the world. Like the whole collection, for minks, Elpidio Loffredo uses only female leathers, producing very light mink fur coats. As far as the long fox coats are concerned, they are produced using particular processing techniques. Of course there is also a wide selection for the long sable furs, and long chinchilla furs collections. Like all the collection, even long furs are entirely made in Italy, starting from leather tanning to the finishing. Many furriers prefer to save on the materials and quality of leather to offer “incredible” prices. Elpidio Loffredo tries to offer its customers always the best quality, maintaining an unbeatable quality / price ratio.

Why to choose a long fur coat?

There are a lot of good reasons to choose a long fur, let’s see the main ones.
The long fur adapts to every type of body.

The long fur model is easily worn by both tall women and small women

both for rounder and thinner shapes. Obviously for a small woman, the recommended model is the knee length one.

Any outfit can match with a long fur coat

A long fur coat can be worn on any occasion, on important occasion, or every day. It embellishes the outfit even in the case of pairing with jeans or trousers and it is much more suitable in the coldest periods of the year.

The long fur: a garment with an high seasonalityChoosing a suitable long fur allows you to buy a long-lived garment for most of the year. Especially if you have three-quarter sleeves and the zip to change the length, the period of use is further extended. The long fur can be easily worn in a period that goes from October to March, depending on the garments combined with the season.