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The white fur has always been one of the most used and requested furs. From the 60s and the 70s the most requested and used white fur was the Greenland fox, which was not a real white one. In the 90s the fashion boom of white fox fur exploded: no longer a simple fox of Greenland, but a completely white shadow fox, with very long hair and completely white. In the early 2000s, the white mink fur literally stole the show and almost all of them were made with a rimmed hood of silver or white fox. The white furs par excellence are:

  • Chinchilla fur
  • Lynx fur

The chinchilla fur is not completely white, but has different shades depending on the type. The lynx fur is also completely white, a part from the bellies, which has little black spots. The white fur is obviously easy to combine with your wedding dress. In fact being totally white will create a perfect and fashionable outfit. Usually the creation of white furs for a wedding dress includes the creation of white mink capes or white fox capes. The white fur is a little bit more delicate than any other color, it stains much more easily and, above all, it turns yellow if left exposed to continuous sunlight or under strong lamps. Very important, therefore, is not even use a lot of makeup when the white fur has a very high neck, otherwise we will end up dirtying the entire neck of our fur.