All the fur lovers have in their wardrobe an old and used closet that they no longer use because it is out of fashion. Elpidio Loffredo decided to make the fur refurbished by creating innovative and trendy models, maintaining a very low cost. The fur refurbished is to change an old fur with small arrangements, or to revolutionize and completely change the model.

Often a refurbished fur is also lighter and has a shinier coat, thanks to new processing techniques. Thanks to the professionalism of our artisans, we always find easily the best solution to satisfy all our clients’ needs.

Making a restyling of an old fur is not that easy, because working with old leather requires a lot of experience and above all sensitivity during the manufacturing. Even choosing what to create is not always an easy thing, since a refurbished of mink fur is different from a refurbished of fox fur. Refurbished of a fur is certainly the best choice when the closet is yet old and no longer used.

If you keep reading, you will find out:

  1. Refurbished, when is it necessary?
  2. Which model can I obtain?
  3. The surpluses of my fur?
  4. Cost of a refurbished fur

Refurbished, when is it necessary?

The refurbished of the fur consist in following different parameters such as:

Very often, the clients believe that is possible to obtain, from a completely consumed fur, a jacket or a coat. Unfortunately, when you ask for a refurbished, all the deteriorated parts are removed, so most of the material to work on gets lost. For example, the refurbished of mink fur will might have less material to remove, since often fox fur has a very breakable leather on the bellies therefor is eliminated.

The mink fur refurbished in the most requested. Is very important to understand what we can obtain from a second-hand fur, and especially create something wearable and fashionable. The quality of the usable leather is essential for the creation of a refurbished jacket or coat, without having higher prices. When the material is not enough Elpidio Loffredo suggests the adding of cashmere or other leather, but the price of the refurbished will be higher. During the creation of a refurbished fur, Elpidio Loffredo always suggests which model to create.

Which model can I obtain?

Elpidio Loffredo studies specifically the models to satisfy the demands of any client. Not all the models fit with our clients, so same for the new collection, also the refurbished of the furs Elpidio Loffredo offers the best assistance with the creation of tailor made furs.

Analysing the fur to work on, Elpidio Loffredo shows to his clients the kind of fur jacket or fur coat that can be created. Then he will proceed by trying the furs, in order to figure out which model better fits and above all if it needs adjust, or the adding of some accessories. When the material is not enough, Elpidio Loffredo suggests the creation of short jackets or capes, adding fur patches in order to obtain a trendy and fashionable fur, despite the lack of materials.

The surpluses of my fur?

The surpluses of the tooled fur usually consist in something no longer usable. The surplus is always delivered if the clients require it, since often the surpluses need treatments against moths or are no longer usable.

When the surpluses can be usable to create something new, our staff communicate to our clients the possibility of making another closet, such as a short cape, or hems for a handmade wool jacket or also for cashmere capes. We often dye these hems. We use them as hems, or to create cashmere winter hats pompon, or as key rings. Surpluses can also be used for making patches, which can be applied on the fur or another closet. You can ask for your surpluses at least 7 days before the delivery, since they stay in the lab.

Many clients utilize other closet surpluses to create patches on another refurbished fur, in order to have a fashionable closet. If there are enough surpluses, they prefer to mix the different kind of leathers and in this way have a longer and fine fur.

Cost of a refurbished fur

The cost of a refurbished fur changes from fur to fur and above all the cost of a refurbished is different from furrier’s to furrier’s. Many prices of refurbished furs are ridiculous, since a lab cannot work with those prices, and this should make us doubt about the quality of the manufacturing, labour and materials. The refurbished of a mink fur usually costs 800€. Including the dye or the adding of materials like cashmere or mink leathers. About the refurbished of fox fur the price is also 800€, excluded the dye of the used fur.

The refurbished of sable fur starts from 1.500€, but it depends on the quantity of leather to add. The refurbished of chinchilla fur is different, and there is a lot to talk about, like the quality of the tooled leather and above all the status of the leathers that cannot always be tooled.

Another particular leather is the lynx fur, since a refurbished should mean the removal of the beige part and leaving only the belly, that is the white part of the fur and maybe make it precious by adding leathers.