Fall / winter fashion cannot give up the fur, the must-have for women of all ages united by class and good taste. There are many cuts of fur, obtained from different types of coat (mink, fox, sable, chinchilla, lynx). Every fur, of course, is different, long-haired or short, colorful or plain. And each will be raised to complete different styles for different occasions. A truly indispensable leader in the world of fur, however, is the coat. Whether covering part of the knees or a bit longer, the fur coat is ideal to embellish any outfit, emphasizing the figure and the silhouette of the woman who’s wearing it.

Fur coat for any occasion

Each color of the coat is ideal for creating an unique and sophisticated set and enhance the figure of the wearer with great style.
The black fur coat is ideal to wear even on jeans, to emphasize this classy clothe, with a white shirt or colored one, but also with simple skirts or shorts. The total black look with a fur vest with hood can be very elegant when combined with leather or suede bags and shoes.
Blue or white garments and colored jeans match perfect with a beige or light colored fur coat. Skirts or pants are suitable. Maybe a visible patterned shirt with a particularly short jacket can break the single-color look and add a touch of frivolity.
Then there are blue fur coats, synonymous with imperial elegance if associated with neutral colors like white, flesh, light beige or cream.
Longer jackets, or cuts less tight fitted, are suitable to be cinched at the waist with leather or textile belts. Especially if it is a fur coat with bright colors, a beautiful black belt with a bow creates a truly divine detachment of color. The colored coats and jackets also can be worn on suits or leggings, becoming versatile clothes making you feel special at every opportunity during the day. No matter what you wear underneath, if associated with a fur jacket or coat, even a single color sweater worn with an oversize leggings can give life to researched match worthy of the best boardwalks.