The mink is a timeless leader of high fashion and a true ally for every classy woman that always knows how to dress.More than any other kind of fur, the mink has always had its place of honor in this product category since antiquity. Clothing generations of women ultra-chic.

How to pick a mink coat

Obviously, not all furs are equal, because not all the production processes are the same. It depends on the company that produces them and especially on the original quality of the hides. Choosing a mink coat, then requires great care, because this is a long lasting clothe and if selected carefully it will always be preserved as new. To focus on quality you have to look out for the craftsmanship, pay attention to the details and ensure this way that you get a unique piece handmade by professional furriers. In recent times it became more en vogue to process the whole hides. Meaning that the whole coat of the mink is used, vertically or horizontally. Still, to get the best, you need to focus on Made in Italy which is always a guarantee of quality.

One fur, many fashion styles

Although it is a must have for centuries, the fur fashion never ceased to amaze and the best boutiques have also unlined fur mink colored.They come in every color, from violet to fuchsia, and can be worn with casual clothes, giving a touch of style to everyday outfits. But alongside these imaginative trends there is always the classic fur, revisited in cut and models, but bearing the unmistakable charm of once times’ minks. Fur in neutral or soft colors, white, beige or black, is suitable to be worn by a classy woman, in everyday life as in special occasions. Whether it’s long or short, jacket or vest, with or without hood, each mink coat has its strong point that makes it different from all others. The handwork of a highly selected boutique always guarantees the right quality.