Recognizing a certain type of fur is very simple but understanding the quality of the type of fur is much more difficult. Understanding the quality of a specific type of fur can be simplified by certain factors such as:

The skins are certified when they come from the auction. The main reference auctions in the world are:

All these auctions offer selected and bred skins.

The NAFA auction house was born in Canada, specifically in Toronto. It is specialized in breeding and wild leathers sale. Wild leathers offered by the auction are: Beaver, Coyote, Marten, wolf, Otter, lynx, Mink and many more. On the other hand, the nafa breeding leathers are: mink leathers and fox leathers. NAFA leathers are beautiful and of excellent quality. All the breeding leathers are very rich, with an amazing velvet qualities. It seems to touch even a satin fabric.

The main NAFA labels are:

The Blackglama leathers were recently purchased from the NAFA auction house. Blackglama is the oldest fur brand in terms of leathers. The blackglama minks are perfect, the maximum in fur for a leather like that.

The Kopenhagen Fur was born in Denmark, at Glostroup, that is about twenty minutes from Copenhagen. The Kopenhagen Fur is the largest auction house in the world. For years, the Kopenhagen Fur has been investing to improve the already very high livestock conditions. The Danish auction house offers farm animals such as minks, foxes, chinchillas and swakaras. The auctions take place 4 times a year. The type of mink offered from the Glostroup auction house is very wide. There are 4 main labels in the Danish auction house to classify the quality of the various types of fur:

The main differences between the Danish minks and the American minks are the height of the hair and the silkiness. There are also other types of medium / low quality. At the Kopenhagen Fur, they also sell the best chinchilla and swakara leathers in the world. Chinchillas are mainly: Natural, Black Velvet, Beige, Shadow, Violet, besides obviously the many mutations; while for the swakara, they only sell those from Namibia.

The Saga Furs is located in Helsinki, Finland. The Saga Furs is the closest auction to fashion brands, specializing in the sale of Foxes, Murmasky and Minks. Like the Kopenhagen Fur, the Saga Furs also offers many different types of mink. The main qualities are:

The hides are divided according to the type of leather, selected by size, which is measured from the nose to the base of the tail and finally by color grades. Obviously, there are medium-low qualities here too. A special mention as well as for mink goes also for the types of fox skins. The Saga Furs offers the largest number of fox skins, the best ever, all with shiny, soft and long fur.

The Sojuzpushnina, was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The auction mainly sells wild and farmed sable leathers, martens, seals, stoats, Russian lynx, skunks and nutria. The sable is the finest leather in the world of fur for its characteristics that combine, warmth, lightness and beautiful natural shades.  The sable hair is thick, silky, very full of color, basically brown with some white thread, like silver threads. Depending on the origin, the colors can be more or less dark, going from almost Extra Dark to golden yellow, more precisely called Zibellino Gold. The most precious are the Barguzinsky, the Yakutsky and the Enisejsky. They are all of Russian origin, where the SOBOL brand was founded.

The classic color is called “graying”: a dark brown with slightly white tips. There are also other colors like Taupe, Gold and Cipria.

The sable colors are: Brown, Graffite, Titanium and Mother-of-pearl. A special mention should be made for the Barguzinsky sables. Barguzinsky sables have silver points. The classification of these tips is called Silvery and it goes from 1 to 5. Surely the most valuable type of fur is Russian sable. Sable fur has always been the richest and most desired fur by furs lovers.