Fox fur is recognized amongst thousands and thousands. Soft, fluffy and long-haired, creates precious shades and streaks that highlight any woman who has the grace to wear it. A fox fur jacket is a sophisticated piece of clothing, yet very versatile, with which you can create an interesting mix of fashion and style. The fox furs by Elpidio Loffredo Furs boutique ensure always hides of first choice and a guarantee of craftsmanship made in Italy by the best master furriers.

How to wear a fox fur jacket

In any occasion you will love your warm and soft fox fur in all its variations. Vests, jackets and coats in classic shades or trendy colors, to be mixed with other clothes and styles for a glamorous result. The silver fox coats, jackets and vests with gray background, black accents and iridescent blue give the wearer a style animalier and never excessive. Carefully finished and durable, they can be matched with skirts or pants, worn with high, medium or low heels to refine and extend the silhouette but even with sneakers or flat shoes to obtain a more casual look. Fox hooded jackets, if white, will turn their wearer into a snow queen, embracing her like feathers in a thin light shape. The plus side of the fox fur collection is the possibility to choose bright colors such as fuchsia, purple, light blue and blue to create an amazing play of color, especially if associated with the right combinations.For an all stylish winter, the secret is to play with matches and decided contrasts, yet delicate and without excesses, particularly in terms of colors and materials. Fox fur goes well with any fabric and leather. High class items, your fox jacket can become an accessory, a jewel or a base to embellish. Let’s face it, a woman can be recognized even by the fur she’s wearing. And if it is a fox fur, animal notoriously crafty and fast but also full of grace and seduction, the appearance of the woman wearing it speaks for itself.