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Midi Coat
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Midi Coat
Midi Coat Sale price€2.680,00
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Midi Coat
Midi Coat Sale price€3.180,00
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Midi Coat
Midi Coat Sale price€2.780,00
Parka Sale price€2.680,00
Parka Sale price€15.300,00
Cape Sale price€3.980,00
Midi Coat
Midi Coat Sale price€10.780,00
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If you're looking for something warm, soft and enveloping you can't lose the ElpdioLoffredo Cashmere Collection, which is born from a fair compromise between cashmere and fur, practically an innovation for the world fur industry. Our Cashmere collection is so versatile that it satisfies every need. Not all cashmere coats are the same, in this page we will list some information such as:
  • How much does a fur cashmere outerwear cost?
  • Cashmere and fur matching
  • Cashmere with Mink, fox, Chinchilla and Sable,
  • Loro Piana Cashmere Clothing

How much does a fur cashmere outerwear cost?

Often you can find cashmere coats at low prices, this is due based on the origin of Cashmere. Usually you can find very low prices on Chinese cashmere coats, which once you wear it they sting in contact with the skin. The ElpidioLoffredo Collection It is made using only 100% Cashmere Loro Piana, of course in high quality. The Outerwears of the ElpidioLoffredo collection are made only by expert Italian artisans, working the entire cashmere collection by hand. The thing that mainly affects the price of a cashmere coat it's the fur edge. Also for the edges is selected top quality leathers from the best auction houses.

Cashmere and fur Matching

With the intuition of the combination of cashmere and fur, the ElpidioLoffredo Collection has succeeded in remodelling the fur market , or even to create a market of its own. With the combination of fur on their cashmere garments, Elpidio Loffredo managed to create an extremely elegant garment but at the same time easy to wear at any time. The main combinations are those with:

Cashmere with mink fur

The combinations made with the female mink fur are applied on the front of the jacket / coat to create a outer pocket entirely in fur. The edge of the hood or collar is also often made in Mink fur. There are not only natural fur applications but also with mink furs, even in the most extravagant colours. Usually the most requested mink models are the coats with external mink pockets.

Cashmere with Fox

With fox fur you usually tend to create a wide neck or shawl on the front of the coat. In some cases, with certain types of workmanship the fox fur is also used to create pockets or edge to sleeves. Usually people prefer to use the Silver fox fur for both the length of the hair and for the black shades. You hardly use colours of foxes dyed on cashmere garments.

Cashmere and Chinchilla

The Chinchilla fur is used to cover all the front of the garment or for the sleeves. One of the most sold outerwear in the last years is that one composed by two garments, vest with cashmere and fur and cashmere coat that can be matched in different ways or used individually. Obviously also to match the Chinchilla with the Cashmere, are purchased only Danish skins of the best quality and of the brightest colours.

Cashmere edged with Sable

The cashmere and Sable ElpidioLoffredo collection is made using almost the entire collection exclusively Barguzinsky Sable of the best quality on the market. The coloration of natural furs is really very nice matched with the Cashmere, as there are beige sables matched with a cashmere Light beige-dark, and a colouring of brown sables matched with Cashmere Blue and brown. The head of the tip is definitely that one made with Sables silvery 3 graphite and cashmere colour toffee.

Loro Piana Cashmere Clothing

Cashmere has always been used in the clothing industry for make several garments. In fact, coats are marketed in Cashmere, jackets, vests, capes and any other type of garment that wants to be presented to the public as valuable thanks to the many qualities of the Loro Piana Cashmere. Elpidio Loffredo store, treating precious clothing, we included in our garments collections clothing items made of cashmere and in different types of fur. We did it, creating lines of coats, jackets, vests and capes, in which the garment is made using Loro Piana Cashmere, but parts of them such as collar, edging and sleeves, are made with mink, sable, chinchilla and Fox furs.

Cashmere Coats

The collection of fur coats by ElpidioLoffredo, In addition to coats made entirely with the use of whole skins of different provenance, also coats created with the use of Cashmere Loro Piana 100%, combined with fox skins, mink, sable and Chinchillas, useful to embellish even more the already valuable garments for the undoubted quality of Loro Piana fabric. Looking at the models of coats in our outlet online, you will notice immediately of the high elegance at the highest power thanks to to the thrifty combination between the Loro Piana cashmere and the different types of fur. Cashmere coats embellished in sleeves, edging or collar with fox fur, mink, sable or chinchilla, as well as be more precious and elegant, they also become more useful leaders in keep warm the most exposed parts of the female body in the cold.

Cashmere Jackets

ElpidioLoffredo cashmere jackets are made using 100% Loro Piana Cashmere with the combination of different types of fur. The most successful models are those made with pockets in Fox fur or female mink fur. The Cashmere Jackets Loro Piana are very elegant but at the same Time easy to match for a "fast" daily outfit. Like furs, cashmere from a feeling of warmth and softness without equal. The realization of cashmere garments is completely Made in Italy, like all the collections of ElpidioLoffredo.

Cashmere Mantel

The cashmere ponchos Loro Piana, are made with a careful study of modelling as for the mantles there is need more practical use without compromising the comfort and fit. Even the mantles are made using 100% Cashmere them plain and usually with edges of fox, mink and chinchilla. The classic poncho, which will never pass in fashion, is the most sold both through style and elegance, and probably because it's "Helped" by the amazing price! Discover our Loro Piana Cashmere models.