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Lynx Furs

The high-fashion produces every year many types of furs, with different colors and processes. Chinchilla, fox, lynx, mink and sable. The lynx furs are among the most valuable and also the most expensive. The lynx furs requires a special work and a great experience by those who cut the skins. These haute couture garments can be assembled with whole skins, therefore having also a yellow color, or they can be assembled using only the belly, so the white part with black points, usually you can find this type of processing with " Full White Lynx Fur ". Elpidio Loffredo produces lynx furs using only the best leather on the market, and this can be established by the purchase of the Top Lot 2018. The collection is mainly based on totally white lynx. The type of work carried out determines its final value. Any Elpidio Loffredo lynx coat has no yellow spots or a yellowish white color. In the fashion industry, the last few years have been distinguished by the various colors given to the lynx furs, such as the pink ,blue, yellow or the green furs.

How much does a lynx fur cost?

Lynx furs are very popular, but unfortunately you can find many types of furs. The cost of a Lynx fur can vary based on different aspects, such as: - Leather quality; - Type of processing; - Made in Italy. The quality of the leather used to create the ElpidioLoffredo Lynx furs is extremely sublime. The leather used comes from the best auctions in the world and carefully selected by our staff. Usually in the Elpidio Loffredo collections there is leather  that comes from North America, NAFA. There are many types of lynx. The best known are:
  • Russian Lynx fur
  • Canadian Lynx fur
  • Lynx fur
Another determining factor is the type of processing. Every year our artisans improve their working techniques to reach the perfection and to keep up with fashion. For Lynx furs, we work only the part of the belly (white with black points). This is a trend that changes in the ElpidioLoffredo world. Thanks to the careful research carried out every year, the Lynx outerwear furs are very sought after! Usually you will able to find a low price for lynx furs when it is not entirely white,with black or yellow spots. Another important factor determining the price of a lynx fur is the origin of the leather and where it is produced. The origin of the leathers and of the finished garment determines the final price, a lower labour or quality favors a lower price.ElpidioLoffredo Lynx furs are completely Made in Italy, every ElpidioLoffredo article is carefully crafted by Italian artisans. A choice of quality and reliability, which is the real strength of the company, and the main feature of its creations.

Clothing in Lynx fur and types

The lynx lends itself to meet any needs and remains among the most current furs in the industry. The collections of the boutiques range from hats to accessories through vests, capes and fur coats. The Lynx fur is light but at the same time warm and welcoming. Lynx coats are more suited to the winter weather, while lynx jackets and lynx capes are perfect for those who want to stay warm but have more trendy clothing. The lynx vest can be worn at any occasion and pleasantly accompanied by matching accessories with fur inserts of the same nuance. Current trends do not set a precise period for their use; a garment so precious, made in all its variants, from the coat to the jacket, is a unique gift that can never be missing in the wardrobe of every woman in step with the times.