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Are you looking for a furrier in Milan?

For over twenty years, the Elpidio Loffredo fur shop has been proud to offer top quality garments with a classic, modern or latest fashion cut; without forgetting more unique and creative models such as those designed by our stylists or made following the personal requests and inspiration of our customers.

All furs are processed in our internal laboratory using the highest quality leathers and using the most innovative techniques handed down or borrowed from the great school of Italian craftsmanship.

In our boutique in via Lepanto 25 in Pompeii, our customers will have at their disposal a vast selection of women's furs, collars, ushankas, gloves, Loro Piana-branded cashmere garments and many other accessories. In addition, our luxurious workshop will be able to provide all the services necessary for the care and maintenance of your most precious garments such as small and large repairs, thermo-refrigerated storage for the summer period, remodeling of your older garments and deep professional cleaning but at the same time delicate and careful.

Furthermore, our fur shop is proud to be able to offer a service dedicated to the creation of tailor-made, fully customizable garments. Our staff will put their twenty years of experience at the service of your idea by finding and applying the best techniques to transform your vision into reality, thus creating a garment that can truly be yours and unique in the world. Are you looking for a furrier in Milan? With us everything is possible.

Fur shop in Milan: Elpidio Loffredo and the services dedicated to distant customers

Let's imagine, for example, that one of our customers needs a fur shop in Milan and doesn't want to neglect those who can't go to the Pompeian store and has therefore set up a series of services to meet them.

The Elpidio Loffredo fur shop in Milan, Rome, London in Italy or abroad will become virtual with the customer who will be able to purchase any model of our collections with the convenience of delivery to their own home and at no additional cost: in fact, standard delivery is made by courier and reaches the customer within one or two working days if the latter is in Italy, in two or three working days if he is in the rest of the world. Upon request, it will also be possible to organize express shipments.

Knowing how much Elpidio Loffredo products are appreciated during the Christmas period, we guarantee delivery in Italy by Christmas Day for all orders placed by 19 December at 12 (standard shipping) or by 20 at 14 (express shipping). Instead, as far as foreign countries are concerned, Christmas delivery is guaranteed for all those orders that will be placed by 18 December at 12 noon (standard shipping) or by 20 at 14 (express shipping 24h where possible).

Continuing with the example of a customer looking for a fur shop in Milan, Elpidio Loffredo offers a home trial service where a member of our staff will come to you to let you try on the models you have selected, either live or through our virtual showcases , and help you choose the definitive model. Finally, our shop also offers a trial service in the shop and agreed home delivery.

How the Elpidio Loffredo furrier works

The processing of all the furs designed by Elpidio Loffredo starts from the creation of the pattern, i.e. the project that translates the idea of our stylists into reality.

Then, project in hand, the stylists support our craftsmen in the phase dedicated to evaluating the feasibility of the product, making sure that the final result will be able to adapt to every future customer, guaranteeing the highest levels of wearability, style, elegance and attention to detail .

Once the pattern reaches its final shape, you can continue to identify which leather is the most suitable for its realization.

This is undoubtedly the longest and most difficult phase of working a fur as you have to take into account the number of skins needed, how many cuts to make, how to apply the least possible number of seams, the total weight and the different unique characteristics of every usable skin type such as, for example, variety and length of the hair.

Once this delicate puzzle has been solved, it is necessary to proceed with the purchase of the skins. Elpidio Loffredo participates in the best international auctions and thanks to his collaborators examines every detail of the hides – the colour, the size of the cut, the length of the hair and above all the general quality of the hide – to then proceed with the purchase of pieces of the highest quality at auction prices that guarantee an extremely attractive final price for the product.


The next step involves deciding whether to leave the leather its natural color or whether to opt for a dye, once this is done it will be possible to proceed with tanning.

Once treated, the hides must be divided again by size, by colour, by type of hair and by quality of the treated product; in fact, although the lot of origin is the same, the final properties and qualities can vary significantly.

Once the starting materials have been obtained, it is possible to start the craftsmanship phase which begins with the nailing and cutting of the waste materials. After this "cleaning" the skins will be wetted with a special grease which will increase the resistance of the leather and the fur making them workable first and then wearable. The skins must now be sewn together following the guidelines of the pattern until obtaining a raw garment which will be analyzed in detail both by the expert eyes of the craftsmen and by the latest technological discoveries in the sector so as to correct any possible defect.

Finally, the garment is subjected to various specific washes, it is treated and combed and after a further quality control it will be possible to proceed with the stitching of the internal lining - almost always in silk, with hand-painted decorations and a small signature of the stylist which certifies its authenticity – and the application of finishing touches such as hooks and drawstrings. The product is completed by adding a hanger, a travel case and a box.

This process naturally takes time, it rarely takes less than two weeks, but the furrier is proud of the care it puts into its product, in compliance with all regulations and especially the pride of its craftsmen; for this reason it offers the opportunity to visit its fur workshop in Naples upon request.

Obviously the Elpidio Loffredo furrier makes all its garments in Italy from the tanning of the skins to the closure of the lining and does the same for all its accessories: Made in Italy craftsmanship is a guarantee not of quality but of excellence and must be respected by the 'beginning to the end of the process.