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Are you looking for a furrier in Palermo?

Specialized in the creation and sale of quality garments, the Elpidio Loffredo furrier's present in Palermo as well as in Milan, Rome and in any other part of the world thanks to the online shop, offers customers a wide assortment of accessories, tailored coats and jackets with interior or edges in fur, as well as services dedicated to the care and correct conservation of fabrics during the summer season, a period in which the fur could suffer irreversible damage. In this regard, the laboratory staff takes care of the refrigerated custody of the garment, keeping it inside rooms where the temperature remains between 0 and 10°C and the humidity does not exceed 50%.

The staff also performs the cleaning, any repairs and remodeling of the old fur upon request. Many years of sartorial experience also allows you to create a totally personalized garment, tailored to the customer's ideas and measurements. The very high quality of the raw material used (generally, these are lots of hides purchased at international auctions) always guarantees the distribution on the market of excellent products at unbeatable prices. Finally, the convenient online store allows secure purchases from all over the world and the possibility of requesting the refurbishment of an old garment.

The fur workshop

The store laboratory works in synergy with the customer's needs and in conjunction with the new fashion dictates. Furthermore, all the products made comply with the strict regulations relating to the leathers used and the materials used during construction.

The packaging of a designer fur collection requires an in-depth study starting from the pattern, in order to guarantee an absolutely perfect garment suitable for each customer. The choice and purchase of skins at international auctions is a further fundamental step for the creation of a coat, a jacket or any other fur accessory in Palermo and beyond. Expert personnel examine the quality of the leather, the length of the hair and the color on site. Only leathers that possess certain properties and characteristics and comply with specific quality standards are selected. The craftsmen then do all the rest. The accessories, coats and jackets displayed in the physical windows and in the online store are the result of a perfect mix of experience, professionalism, tradition, love for perfection and beauty. Hooks, drawstrings and other small details often make the difference, making fur garments inimitable. In the past, many have tried to copy the designs and creations, but with very little results. In fact, there are many signs of distinction from other manufacturers. The inner lining, for example, is made exclusively of pure silk, enriched with precious hand decorations and the stylist's signature which certifies its authenticity.

The realization of the furs takes place strictly in Italy starting from the tanning of the skins up to the closure of the lining. The physical laboratory is present in Naples, but furs can also be purchased in Palermo and in any other city thanks to online sales. The imprint of Made in Italy is present in every little detail, even in the hanger, case and storage boxes. Upon request, the customer can take part in a guided tour of the laboratory, in order to be able to view the various stages of packaging live, touch the raw material firsthand, observe the meticulous tailoring and organizational work of the sales point.

Fur in Palermo and around the world

Furthermore, the Elpidio Loffredo boutiques are real luxury boutiques. We have been satisfying our customers for years by providing a vast assortment of furs and leather accessories, enjoying great success not only in Italy. In fact, the online shop reaches even the most demanding customers throughout the world, fascinating women (and not only) from all over the world. Obviously the points of sale are supported by a dense e-commerce network, so it is possible to have a fur shop in Palermo as well as in any other country. A trained and cordial staff is always available to distant customers, periodically illustrating the virtual showcases full of new collections and offering a convenient delivery service as well as a tailor-made try-on service at home. In all of this, the buyer is followed step by step by a fashion expert team able to resolve any doubts or meet any difficulties.