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Mink furs are cloths of Haute couture, that historically inspired the movie business, as in the movie 'Una pelliccia di visone' in 1956. Mink furs are an inevitable cult in every high-class women wardrobe. Mink furs are not all the same, they differ each other's, and it depends by many factors. In this page we explain how much cost a new mink fur, and how much could be worth a used one. Furthermore, we will do a review about a mink fur, we will list the sizes, and the clothes most required in fur as coats, jackets, vest and mantel. Reading on you will discover:

  • How much does a mink fur cost?
  • Differences between natural a synthetic
  • Reviews of mink furs
  • Kind of mink furs
  • Fur over time

How much does a mink fur cost?

The price of a Mink fur, could change thanks to different aspects, as:

  • Fur Quality
  • Type of processing
  • Made in Italy

The leather quality used on the ElpidioLoffredo mink furs is extremely sublime. The leather come from the best auction houses all over the world, and is selected by our Staff. Another important factor is the type of processing. Every year our artisans refine they're techniques to achieve the perfection. ElpidioLoffredo mink furs, are totally Made in Italy: Every ElpidioLoffredo cloth it's made carefully by Italian artisans. A choice of quality and reliability, that represent the real strong point of our company, and it's the first feature of his creations.

Differences between natural a synthetic

The main differences between natural mink furs and a synthetics mink furs, are the softness and the brightness, and the kind of 'leather' used during the working process. The natural mink furs , usually are produced by farm animals. The synthetic mink furs are made of nylon, acrylic and polyester, that comes from the petrol. Basically, define synthetic furs 'ecologic' it's an error, because it looks like an old plastic bag, and as such, not biodegradable. Kind of fur clothes:

Fur Coats

Elpidio Loffredo mink coats are created for satisfice every kind of exigencies. If you were looking for a mink coat for the winter, you can't lose the ElpidioLoffredo Collection, that is like gold for the fur lovers! ElpidioLoffredo Collection includes natural grey mink, brown and black. Besides there are many kinds of dyed mink, as blue, green and many other colours. Thanks to the new manufacturing techniques, the mink coats are basically light, but at the same time really warm. In the Elpidio Loffredo Collection 2018-19, has been created specifics linings and buttons dedicated to the mink coats.

Fur Jackets

Mink jackets of Elpidio Loffredo Collection are realized just using selected leather by our labs. Usually fur jackets are made with easy colours, as the brown mink jacket, or the grey sapphire. Elpidio Loffredo Collection offers many particulars selected colours, as the honey, black cross, green or blue. All the assortment of mink furs of Elpidio Loffredo, is realized only with female mink, worked on whole fur skins, with a softness and elegance unique. As for the other ElpidioLoffredo Collections, also for the jackets , there is the possibility to customize hooks, buttons and the lining.

Fur Vest

The fur vests of Elpidio Loffredo Collection , can satisfy every exigencies. The fur vests Collection are made of female minks super-soft. The fur vests of Elpidio Loffredo, is the item that will make the difference during the day , as during the night , thanks to his extraordinary elegance. Wear a fur vest by using accessories as a leather or suede belt, and the leather gloves of Elpidio Loffredo Collection. Stands-out between the others fur female vest the double face orange, made with hand-painted.

Fur Mantel

Obliviously, in the ElpidioLoffredo Collection , could not miss the mink mantel, created in different ways, with or without closure. Let yourself attempt by the luxury softness of the mink fur mantel of ElpidioLoffredo. All the mink poncho are made using female mink. Inside the style of the mink mantel of Elpidio Loffredo collection, you can see all the sophistication of the Made in Italy. The representative model is that one made of Silver Blue Mink and the Sky Mink.

Long or short fur?

The choice between a long or short fur is subjective , and is determined by many factors. - Temperature - Use of the fur Usually people buy a long mink fur when the temperature is really close or under the zero. Usually there is a tendency to buy long coat with hood or round collar, high enough, and long sleeve. Who buys a short mink fur, usually buy fancy clothes, three-quarter sleeve, with a trendy colour, wearing it in every chance, accompanying the fur jacket with glamour gloves.

Fur over time

Mink fur is the most required by the elite public, that loves to wear clothes that leaves the others breath-less. Thanks to the countless quality, the mink fur can create coats and jackets fully realized of this wonderful mantle, and it is utilized with others materials as the cashmere. Elpidio Loffredo has totally renewed the style of his collection, using the cashmere with the mink to create prestigious clothes, that associate the elegance of the mink to the glamour of the Cashmere Loro Piana. Today, the cashmere with the mink is a must, and they are realized in every colour and wearable in every occasion.