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Golden Fox Coat
Pink Frost Fox Jacket
White Fox Coat
Cross Fox Coat
Green Fox Coat
Artic Fox
Aquamarine Fox Fur Coat
Golden Fox Fur
Artic Fox Jacket
Bordeaux Fox Jacket
Fox Mantel
Shadow Blue Frost Fox Jacket
Red Fox Jacket
White Fox Fur Jacket

Fox Furs are an haute couture garment that is always been among the most desired and well-known, along with the fur of Mink. Practically Fox furs are a cult inevitable in the wardrobe of high-class women. Not all Fox Furs are the same, they differ according to many factors, on this page, we will explain how much cost a new Fox furs, and how much can it be worth a fox fur used.

Among other things, continuing reading you will discover:

  • How much does a fox fur cost?
  • New and used fox fur: differences
  • Fox Furs: How to choose them
  • Coats-jackets-vests-capes

How much does a fox fur cost?

The cost of a fox fur may vary according to different aspects such as:

– Leather quality;

– Type of processing;

– Origin.

The quality of the leather used to create fox fur ElpidioLoffredo is extremely sublime. The leather used is from the best auctions houses around the world and selected carefully by our Staff.
Usually in the collections, the North American Origin NAFA or Finnish SAGA FURS. There are many types of foxes. The best known are:
Silver Fox fur
Greenland Fox fur (Blue Fox)
Red fox fur
And many other types and mutations used in the collection ElpidioLoffredo.
Another determining factor is the type of processing. Every year our artisans perfect their processing techniques for achieve perfection, as it is usually the fur of very heavy Fox. This is a trend that changes in the world ElpidioLoffredo, thanks to the careful research carried out every year, fox fur coats are very light!

The origin of the leather and the finished garment determines the price, as a labor force or a lower quality will favor a low price. ElpidioLoffredo fox fur are completely Made in Italy: Each article ElpidioLoffredo is made accurately by Italian artisans. A choice of quality and reliability, which represents the real strength of the company, and the main characteristic of his creations.

Every fur, although similar in appearance to the others, presents peculiar features that make it a unique garment. You have to, for example, keep in mind that to make the final price of a fur various aspects, such as design, workmanship, finishing, coloring and, without a doubt, quality. Obviously choose a made in Italy brand that releases at the time of purchase a quality certificate, is a further guarantee that you have purchased a fox fur that can, over time, keep unchanged his value.

How to recognize a new fox fur from a fox fur Used?

Bright, fluent, soft and luminous: These are the distinctive traits of a fox fur and features that you must carefully to watch. If the garment appears faded and opaque, the fur has been incorrectly handled and stored in unsuitable conditions. Usually when we talk about faded and opaque garments we can stumble also in used Fox furs. This is understood from the usury of the hair, in crucial areas such as sleeves or neck, or from the color that often tends to yellow.

How to choose a fox fur based on the trend color?

If you are going to buy a dyed fox fur, try to rub the product with a slight damp cloth: if it does not change color then it is a quality leader.

As regards the choice of color, it depends heavily on the use what you will do with your fox fur and your taste subjective. Remember that bright tones are perfect for the most or for the more mature women who want to give a touch of outfit, while the neutral-toned furs are a evergreen that will never pass in fashion.

Often on the choice of the fox fur color affects the trend of fashion.

The ElpidioLoffredo collection often points to natural colours that are always very appreciated and sought after, as almost no brand produce.

Fox Furs: How many types?

  1. Fox fur Coats
  2. Fox fur Jackets
  3. Fox Vest
  4. Fox Mantel

Fox Coats

The Fox fur ElpidioLoffredo collection offers a variety of fur coats of different length. For the Fox collection 2018-19. Full length coats, 130 cm practically in step with fashion. Despite the length, the ElpidioLoffredo outer wears are really very light and not bulky! Obviously in the assortment there are not missing short coats of black fox, white fox coats, red fox coats and many other colors to satisfy the fantasies of all customers.
The Fox coats of ElpidioLoffredo are made with Fox hide SAGA FURS o NAFA.

Fox Jackets

ElpidioLoffredo Fox jackets are made using leather first choice, the best on the market. Usually a machining is made to make the hair less and the lighter and softer fox jacket. The must have jacket of this 2018-19 collection is definitely the fox jacket fawn light. The Fox furs are made with an abundant hood, and usually with a sleeve 3/4. Wear every day with extreme ease our fantastic Fox Jackets.

Fox Vest

The ElpidioLoffredo Fox vests are made with the care of every minimum detail, starting from the hooks for closing up to the suede quality used between skins. Fox vests are perfect for those who want to use fur anytime! Made in the most extravagant colors and with dedicated covers, the fox vests of ElpidioLoffredo will make your look trendy. Looking among our categories you will find fox vests at fantastic prices!

Fox Mantel

The fox mantles of ElpidioLoffredo, are that extra touch to the collection that makes it all very elegant. ElpidioLoffredo Fox ponchos are made in different ways, with a diagonal, horizontal but also vertical plot! Fox fur coats are usually worn with a leather glove, in fashion to fully express its refinement.