Fur care and maintenance

The annual fur cleaning is extremely important for care and maintenance. In fact, during the year the smog and the dust settle continuously on the hair, making it lose its natural shine and beauty, subtracting the leather’s softness.

ElpidioLoffredo furs are an evergreen, always ready to give to us that touch of elegance and style for years and years. Over time however if you do not store  the fur in the right way you can lose the glossy and softness.

Where can I store fur?

The place suitable for our furs is simply our wardrobe, during the winter, but you have to  do some small tricks.

The fur inside the wardrobe must be kept without the case, to allow the hair and the leather to breathe, and therefore to safeguard the beauty and the shine of the garment. It is also recommended not to press the garment, the fur must have its own space!

If you  don’t have a place inside the wardrobe, do not despair! The important thing is that it is in a dry and not humid place, and that it is not exposed to the sun and to heat sources.

Remember to brush the fur only when the it is dry. In fact, if it gets wet due to rain or snow, the brushing may damage it by breaking the hair and ruining it.

Obviously during the summer it is advisable to go to appropriate structures for the conservation of furs in a climate-controlling case. As the hair during the summer is much more stressed by high temperatures. Having at your disposal a huge deposit with refrigerated rooms, where your furs will be safe.

Our company offers the climate-controlling case service even at home!

How can I regain softness and remove bad smells from the fur?

At Elpidio Loffredo we know that the fur is a valuable assets, and that it requires constant care and maintenance to preserve its shine and beauty over time. However, remember that the best way to ensure a perfect care and maintenance of the fur is to rely on experts for the cleaning. The Loffredo Elpidio Laboratory is equipped to clean and regenerate your fur quickly and efficiently to keep the hair’s softness and shine intact.

How do we clean up?

The cleaning of your fur is done in our fur workshop, with modern techniques that include, in addition to  the cleaning of the garment, an anti-moth, deodorant and softener treatment. The cleaning of the garment will be carried out with a particular dry cleaning, for leathers and furs that will give shine, beauty and softness to your fur. Thanks to this type of treatment, your fur will return to be like new.

Avoid doing home-made methods such as washing it in the washing machine, you risk to ruin the garment even more!

And if I do not have time to bring to you the fur and / or I am far from your store?

At Elpidio Loffredo, through our couriers, we collect and delivery your garment to your home!

Your fur will be cleaned and revised down to the smallest details in our laboratories, and if necessary we will do a lining change,with hooks and buttons replacement and it will be returned to your home!

We at Elsafur will keep your fur in refrigerated rooms, so that the cold air ends up on the bristle and this process allows the hair and bristle itself to expand giving to your fur a new brightness!

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