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Fur Restyle

The fur restyle or the transformation of the old fur, consists in transforming the old fur that we no longer use it anymore or an inherited fur coat and renew it, making  that fur trendy again. The intent is to get a fur coat in step with fashion.

Fur restyling has been very popular in recent years, as in addition to having a completely new fur pattern, we often tend to dye fur with extravagant and fashionable colors.

The Elpidio Loffredo artisan’s thanks to extensive experience and a high professionality are able, through a series of treatments to the leather, to modernize the old fur making it much lighter and shiny.

Among other things, continuing to read you will discover:

  • When should you make a model restyle?
  • How is the model restyle done?
  • How much does the restyle of the fur cost?
  • Where can I renew the fur?
  • In which season can I restore my fur?



The fur transformation is not always a right solution. Many people do the fur model restyle, on the advice of “expert” people, and after some time they find a outerwear that comes away like a piece of paper. Before taking an old fur coat for any type of processing, ElpidioLoffredo examines the garment and in the due cases informs its customers that the work is not possible. Other very important factors are the cost of the fur model restyle and the use of fur. We often advise our customers not to re-model when the fur is too old and shabby, the solution in this case could be a trade-in.

Restyling a fur is convenient when:

  • The new model realized will meet your expectations
  • The life of the transformed fur will not be short
  • Price – Trade-in Value


To restyle the fur, a first boutique evaluation is carried out for:

  • Skins
  • Type of skins
  • Wear condition of the hair
  • Amount of usable skins

Then we proceed with the test of the various models that can be made already present in boutiques, so you can get an idea of ​​how it will dress, and in case you decide to dye the fur will be shown different color samples.

Then we will take customer’s measurements, usually small changes of the fur are also reported, so that it can be perfectly adapted, in order to create a perfect tailored fur.

For the re-construction of the old fur, our laboratory completely disassembles your fur coat.

All worn or weak leather parts are eliminated, so we can begin to nail the leather and spread them with special fats. Since the leather is old it need special types of work to make the fur soft and shiny as if it were new.

After about 7-10 days a first test is carried out, we will see how the fur will fit and if necessary some imperfections shall be adjusted. Then we proceed to choose the lining and some accessories, such as buttons, colored hooks and drawstrings.
In less than a week the fur will be ready for delivery.


The cost of fur trasformations of fur can vary depending on the reference boutique. Usually on the market there are also refurbishing with very low prices, and this also indicates the poor quality of the labor.
The price of the model restyle is 800 €.


The ElpidioLoffredo Boutique is located in Via Lepanto 25, Pompeii (NA). Many people take advantage of the proximity with the Vesuvian cities and especially with the chief town of Campania to carry out their modeling in Naples. Obviously, ElpidioLoffredo meets the needs of all customers, trying to satisfy even the most distant ones by making refurbishing in Milano, redesigning in Turin, and remodernizing fur at a distance, through a dedicated
web assistance.
Write to learn more.