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Chinchilla Fur Jacket
Chinchilla Fur Coat
Chinchilla Fur Jacket
Violet Chinchilla with Cashmere
Chinchilla Jacket
Chinchilla Fur Jacket
Chinchilla Fur Vest
Chinchilla Fur Coat
Chinchilla Fur Coat
Chinchilla Fur Jacket
Chinchilla Fur Jacket
Chinchilla Coat
Blue Chinchilla Jacket
Natural Chinchilla Fur Vest - Length 130 cm
Green Chinchilla
Chinchilla with Lynx Fur

The Chinchilla fur is one of the finest ever, thanks to the fur brightness and especially to the softness of chinchilla, which is without any doubt the softest. It is very soft, rich in shades, mainly defined by the gray, black and white color. Because of its delicacy, the chinchilla skins needs a careful selection, and a purchase exclusively at auction. Chinchilla furs have always been the object of high class women’s desire. Not all chinchilla furs are the same, they differ from each other based on numerous factors, on this page, we explain how much chinchilla furs cost. We will also make a review on the chinchilla furs, we will list the most popular sizes and garments in fur such as coats, jackets, gilets and capes.
Among other things, continuing to read you will discover:

  • How much cost a chinchilla fur
  • Reviews of chinchilla fur – care and advice
  • Types of chinchilla fur

How much does a chinchilla fur cost?

The cost of a chinchilla fur can change according to different aspects, such as:

– Quality and origin of the leather;

– Type of processing;

– Made in Italy.

The quality of the leather used to create ElpidioLoffredo chinchillas fur is extremely sublime. The leather used comes from the auction house Kopenhagen Fur where it is carefully selected by our staff.

Another determining factor is the type of processing. Every year our craftsmen perfect their processing techniques to achieve perfection.

The ElpidioLoffredo chinchilla furs are completely Made in Italy: every ElpidioLoffredo article is carefully crafted by Italian artisans. A choice of quality and reliability, which is the real strength of the company, and the main feature of its creations. The ElpidioLoffredo chinchilla furs are always made to aim at the maximum, regardless of costs and to always have a luxurious fur coat.

Reviews of chinchilla fur – care and advice

ElpidioLoffredo chinchilla furs are made only with Danish leathers.

There are many different qualities on the market, such as those from South America and Hungary.

Many companies use South American and Hungarian leathers to reduce costs and have an economic product.

The Danish chinchilla skins, used in the ElpidioLoffredo collection of chinchillas, are of the highest quality. The color is natural, not bleached and therefore blued, very decisive with shades of black and white well marked with greyish shades.

Elpidio Loffredo is very famous, as it purchases TOP LOT from Kopenhagen Fur.

The hair of the chinchilla is very soft and bright, but must be treated with care as it is very delicate. Usually after a year of use it looks like more “dirty” compared to other leathers. Also very delicate, beyond the hair, it is also the leather.

The collection consists in:

  1. Fur coats
  2. Fur jackets
  3. Fur vest
  4. Fur capes

Fur coats

The Elpidio Loffredo chinchilla coats are created to meet the most varied customer needs.

If what you are looking for online is a mink coat for the winter you can not miss the collection Elpidio Loffredo practically a mine for fur lovers!

The Elpidio Loffredo chinchilla coats collection includes natural chinchillas and albino chinchillas. In addition there are many varieties of chinchillas dyed as blue, green and many other colors.

Thanks to the working techniques of our artisans, chinchilla coats are always made using more leathers than necessary to make them more soft and luxurious.

For the Elpidio Loffredo 2017-18 collection, special covers and buttons have been created that are entirely dedicated to chinchilla coats.

Fur jackets

Elpidio Loffredo chinchilla jackets are made using only carefully selected leathers from our laboratories.

Usually the fur jackets are made with easy-to-use colors, such as the natural chinchilla jacket or the toffee chinchilla jacket.

Often the collection of ElpidioLoffredo jackets offers very special and sought-after colors such as the green chinchilla jacket or the red and violet colors.

The whole range of Chinchilla furs ElpidioLoffredo is made with Danish chinchillas worked on whole skins, with a unique softness and elegance.

As for all other ElpidioLoffredo collections, even for jackets there is the possibility to customize the hooks, buttons and lining.

Fur vest

The chinchilla fur vest from the ElpidioLoffredo collection can satisfy any need.
The chinchilla vest collection is made using dyed chinchillas in the most extravagant colors.
Wear a chinchilla vest using accessories such as a leather or suede belt, and leather gloves from the ElpidioLoffredo collection.

Fur capes

Obviously in the ElpidioLoffredo Collection could not miss the capes in chinchilla, created in various colors.
Let yourself be tempted by the luxurious softness of the ElpidioLoffredo chinchilla fur capes.
All chinchilla ponchos are made using Danish chinchillas.

Inside the style of the chinchilla capes of ElpidioLoffredo, you will be able to see all the refinement of  the Made in Italy.

Long or short furs?

The choice of long or short fur is very subjective and determined by various factors. Usually we buy a chinchilla fur coat for very special events.
We tend to buy a long and hooded type of coat or a high round collar and a full length sleeve, often the coats are made diagonally.

Those who buy a short chinchilla fur instead, buy a more fashionable item, with a 3/4 sleeve and usually also with a more trendy color, wearing it casually at any time, accompanying the chinchilla fur jacket with glamorous gloves.